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At Cummings Pest Solutions, we treat our customers like family. Not just our human customers, but also the animals we catch and release in areas that they can live and thrive in the wild. Jeff is a licensed Nuisance Wildlife operator who is also licensed for Ornamental and Turf, Food Processing and Stucture. Cummings Pest Control is fully bonded and insured. When you have an unwelcome guest, call Cummings Pest Solutions and everyone will be happy!

Mission Statement:

We are a family owned, local business that strives to provide honest and exceptional customer service to those who entrust us with their pest control needs. Our goals as business owners and members of this community are to be environmentally friendly whenever possible in the use of our pesticides and in the humane treatment of any nuisance animals caught. We practice catch and release in all circumstances where humane and legal. We are here to make your house feel like a happy, pest free home again.

At the start of each inspection our technician will go over all issues and work with you to find the solution that best meets your needs. So give us a call and we will be happy to assist you.


Purdue University Certification
Food Safety Certification

Green Pro Certification
Quality Pro Certification

At Cummings Pest Solutions we specialize in working as a team with our customers. We thoroughly inspect and create a plan of solutions with the customer to solve the problem. We service Residential and Commercial Properties and have custom solutions that will help rid you of your pest problem.

We handle Nuisance Wildlife, Insect Pests, and all Species of Rodents all year round. We are a fully licensed and insured local family owned business.

When it comes to ridding your home of Pest, you need experience. Cummings Pest Solutions has _ years of experience getting rid of those raccoons or squirrels in your attic, cockroaches and ants in your kitchen, Bedbugs on your bed, mice in your house and more. We are here to help you and the critters in your home live a better life!

Summer Pests to look out for

  • Yellow Jackets

    Nests are normally found inside man made structures, soil cavities and tree cavities.

  • Bald faced / Whitefaced Hornet

    Look for hanging paper nests. These pests are very aggressive and sting repeatedly. Call immediately if you see them.

  • Carpenter Bees

    They look like Bumble Bees and bores holes in wood to lay eggs. They can potentially cause severe damage to trees and structures.

  • Carpenter Ants

    Large ants that tunnel through moist dead wood to build colonies. May be the result of leaks in home, and can cause severe damage to structures.

  • Ants

    Some do it your self Ant treatments can possibly spread the colony. Professional treatment can destroy the colony all at once.

  • Mosquitoes, Ticks and Fleas

    A proper lawn treatment will help reduce population of these pests and help prevent your pets from getting them.

  • Skunks

    Skunks will dig up lawns to search for grubs. They also can cause a big stink, but we can rehome them to an area that will keep them away from your home.

  • Raccoons

    These pests can be found in attics, garages and barns. Raccoons can carry roundworm, rabies, giardia and other diseases.

  • Woodchucks

    They will burrow underneath just about anything and can severely damage property.

  • Bats

    If you hear scratching in ceiling or walls, you might have bats in your home. Bat guano(excrement) carries many diseases, and can adversely affect the air you breathe. .

If you see any signs of theses pests, call us and have it taken care of by the professionals you can trust.

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